Old wealth (4 in one)

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Cowrie shell and beadwork, traditional symbols of wealth, but wealth is never in possessions and having more than everyone else. If you are rich in fish, or meat, or berries, or camas, what do you do with the excess after you've fed your family? Give it away! We are communal.

When I wear conch, abalone, cowrie, dentalium, elk teeth, trade beads, it is worthless in the eyes of this society, but it reminds me of who I am as an aboriginal woman, and my responsibilities. Responsibilities to care for my household, and those I have accepted as family. And to give to others, give more than I take.
This is wealth.

Material details:
Antique/Vintage 11/0, and 15/0 beads
Contemporary 15/0 "Old time green" and "emerald green" Charlottes.

Beaded front and back.

Handmade argentium silver hoops (purer, more tarnish resistant and far more hypoallergenic than sterling)

Removable Cowrie shell ornamentarion affixed with artificial sinew.

Four looks/Maybe even 5 ways to wear honestly

Buckskin backed

All Sterling silver findings

Approximately 5" long (total)